Djinn M.O.B. - Multi-instrumentalist, Engineer

I have no past. The past is dead. I have no future. The future hasn't happened. There is only now. If I can't make music, I am not going to do anything. That is all there is to say.

Robert LaBryn - Multi Instrumentalist - programmer - engineer

        I was born in Sault St. Marie, Canada on May 9th, 1977. I am a Taurus. I come from a large family of deeply creative, loving, hearty, and well educated people. I love my family very much, and I’m blessed beyond belief to have them in my life. I grew up with my nose in books (my nose is still in books.) When I was young, I lived in my head, and was painfully shy. I felt fat, and awkward growing up. I didn’t really fit in anywhere. I've always had a very strange attraction to the Solar System, and felt as if I had been misplaced on this rock we call Earth. My mother, who is a teacher, saw how difficult public school was for me, and decided I should be “home schooled” (Thank You Mom!) Music became my first friend. I would steal the records my brother Travis would throw out. He thought they were crap (they blew my mind!) I grew up listening to Punk Rock, Post Punk, Industrial/Noise Music, and all the Shoegaze bands (I’m also quite fond of Ambient Music) Much to the chagrin of my older brother Travis (A metal head, who is a deeply gifted, and successful musician) I taught myself how to play guitar, and piano. The record I learned to play guitar to was The Pixies “Surfer Rosa” (Djinn, and I bonded over The Pixies, and Sonic Youth years ago....It was love at first sight.) I had some very bad things happen to me when I was young that shaped me in ways I’m only  now beginning to see, understand, and reconcile. I am a gay man. I came out last year (A “late bloomer” at 39) largely in part to Philm’s, understanding, compassion, wisdom, and support. Over the last decade that we have been best friends, he taught me how to love, and accept respect myself, and my complexity. Yes, I’m “a bear”, but I don’t like the bear culture, and I dislike the term “bear”. I find the culture vapid, and superficial, as I do many facets of the modern world. I guess I’m a curmudgeon that way. I am an animator, and CGI artist. My nickname is “Eiffel”; which Djinn gave to me (How cool is that?! My best friend nicknamed me after my favorite Pixies song! Alec Eiffel! Yay!)

FFWD 25 years....

Philm was injured very badly from a violent assault almost 5 years ago. I have never left his side since then. I watched him go through hell. I held his hand when he could not speak. He still has nightmares about the attack. It’s still heartbreaking to think about. We don’t talk much about that time. I harbor profound hatred for the wretch who did this to him. It was during this time (when he was in the hospital) that our friendship was allowed to develop. We were “closet” best friends prior to this. This was due to extenuating circumstances. We were never really allowed to be the friends we knew each other to be. There was a certain dark force at work for both of us....the same force that put him in the hospital, was the same force I fought with for much of my life....out of the mud, flowers bloom....the alchemical wedding....we fought the dark, turning shit into Gold.

I always wanted to play in a band with Philm, but was too afraid , and intimidated to ask. Stardust For Jennifer is my favorite band, and Philm’s talent is immense, and multi faceted. He has made music with some of the most  profoundly gifted, and talented people there are. I never thought I was "good enough" to make music with him (he has since proved me wrong) I was always afraid I would be rejected if I broached the subject....then, one day, not long ago....he asked me to play guitar in Stardust For Jennifer. It was the happiest day of my life! I literally did cartwheels across the front yard! I felt a lifetime of pain heal in that moment. I still get goosebumps when I think of that day....

Philm, and I are also in another band together called The Atomic Clocks. It’s my punk rock band. I started it so I could ask Djinn if "he would be in MY band?” Of course he said “Absolutely Robert!” We have a record finished, but I decided to shelve it till the new Stardust For Jennifer record is finished. It’s kind of a hybrid of punk rock, and Shoegaze. We’re both really proud of it. It’s just the two of us, and a drum machine/sampler.

Philm Martin has been my best friend, soul mate, biggest influence, and constant companion for a decade now. He is the big brother I never had. No one knows him better than I do. It’s my job to look out for him, and keep him out of trouble (He is REALLY good at getting in trouble, AND even better at starting trouble! He is a "Merry Prankster" at heart afterall) I am very protective of him. Those who know us both, affectionately refer to us as “The Twins”. We get into  to all sorts of mischief together. In addition to being a truly genius musician, and songwriter, he is a gifted painter, and artist. He is the most intelligent, affectionate, kind, loving, stylish, sensitive, and spiritual fella in my life (as well as the funniest guy I know) He is, hands down, the greatest man I’ve ever known. I’m honored to be in my favorite band, with my best friend.

We are Stardust For Jennifer, and we will mangle your minds!

Love and Protection
Robert L.
(a.k.a. Eiffel)

October 31st. 2017.


Steve Sauder - Composer

At the age of 5, I started playing the piano, and discovered a love of classical music that stayed with me my entire life.  I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, all through my public and high school years, and when I announced my intention to go after a music degree at university, my mother sagely warned me that there was no money in music, so instead, I went in for computer science, and graduated with an honours degree in that.  Started my career at Apple in California, moved back home to Toronto (via a year in the UK) and started my own software company and spent the next 30 years as a “software novelist” building multimedia software.  When that company had gotten to the point where it no longer needed my daily care and feeding, I took a career break, and went back to my first love … you guessed it, music, and started composing for orchestra, and doing film and video game scoring.  My specialty is composition, specifically composing electronic music that doesn’t sound electronic.  I’m really excited about being a part of Stardust for Jennifer, whose gorgeous ambient music I’ve always found to be emotive, eminently listenable, and deeply moving.  I hope I can add some layers to that.

Ruby Smith - The Bass Guitar/Photography

 I was born and raised a music lover. I would listen, learn, and sing everything I heard. I needed my own record club membership at  eleven years old, when they still sent you vinyl in the mail. By thirteen, my musical tastes became unique and I frequented the record shops to special order bands that were virtually unheard of in Northern Michigan.
In 1991 I decided the bass guitar would be cool to play and found a teacher. I joined my first band The Drowsy Dolls with Phil Martin. I learned a lot and we made some awesome music. Like angels were singing.
I continued playing when I went to college. The Plastic Cowboys were a regular fixture at the coffeehouse in Big Rapids. We played open mic every Tuesday and opened for a few guest bands and placed second in battle of the bands at Ferris State University.
I set aside playing music for the next twenty some years and raised two wonderful girls. They are in their last few years of high school now. They are oh so smart and music lovers as well. They think it's pretty rockin' their old mom is playing bass again.
It's one of those moments where the stars aligned and everyone was in the right place at the right time and the music gods were smiling and here we are in Stardust for Jennifer. The angels are singing again.

Lou Newton - Art/Design/Layout/Cover Art/ Cover Cocept/Title Concept


For as long as I have been awake, music and the visual arts has been my escape from the never-ending reality of living. I moved from Grand Rapids to Chicago in 2006 to peruse the arts, and somehow have become stuck in the monotony.  There is a strong possibility that this has always been the case. (It’s getting hard to tell) On one hand I create because I have to, on the other hand I create because I have to eat.  Marked as a double simian, I am good at almost everything I try, just never great at anything I do.  For you, I’ll give it my best…  the sun hurts my eyes.

Lou Newton

Past Member/Tom Bradford - Guitar/Programing

 I've been on the road for as long as I remember. My mother, and Marty were free spirits. Life moved very quickly then. I was accustomed to life on the go. That's the way it was, and still is. A lot of things were learned, especially how to make new friends quickly. We never really knew when, or how long we would be in one place.

    To morph into a new way of life was the norm. It was never a bore being the new kid, it was always cool. Attention has always found it's way to my side. I came to Northern Michigan in 1988, and I had my first big teenage crush in Boyne City, Michigan. When I first came to Michigan it felt like Magick to me....something resonates here for me. "A walk through a storybook" is the best description I can think of. Foremost, it was here in Northern Michigan where the music highway began for me.      

    In 1991, my best friend Darrin, and I got a place together in Charlevoix on Lincoln Street. We accumulated many great friends. One day, a guy with a worn leather jacket, fully armed with a pile of cassette's, and a larger than life personality walks in. "Wow! Music! Dig it!". This was the day I met Philm Martin. We hit it off right away. We had allot of similar tastes in music, and allot of common ground in life. "The Music Gods" had been our biggest inspiration, it was an anomaly of recognition, and we became very tight friends.

    In 1992 Philm gave me his first electric guitar. He saw something in me he recognized. He is, to this day, the most inspirational artist I know. I have not witnessed anyone I have known come close to the talent, and creativity he possesses. Over the next 20 something years I think he went on a shopping spree, and I went on a journey within myself. I've been to many places. Since 1991, and 25 years later, I found myself living in Aberdeen, Washington (Kurt Cobain's hometown). For a few years I kept in contact with some old friends back in Northern Michigan. A mutual acquaintance contacted me, and said Philm had been trying to find me for years. Numbers were exchanged, and a few weeks later Philm called me to ask if I would like to be the second guitar player in Stardust For Jennifer....there was no hesitation.