Everything was so peaceful and silent that Vishnu slept
undisturbed by dreams or motion. 
From the depths a humming sound began to tremble, OM
It grew and spread, filling the emptiness and throbbing
with energy, the night had ended. 
Vishnu awoke. 
God said let there be light
When I was in middle school, I had a dream. In this dream I was seeing 
a time lapse film of a sprouting flower. There was music playing along with 
this film. It was the sound the plant was making as it grew. I thought "wow it's organic
music" The dream was enough that it stuck with me all this time. 
Sound is a source. 
Sound is a vibration. 
What do molecules do? They vibrate with energy, therefore everything must 
have a sound- an organic music. 
I suppose my obsession with music isn't too strange then. When I say that there 
are certain sounds, in the music I love, that change the chemistry in my brain, it seems
very possible. Some songs seem to open another dimension for me. I glimpse a 
parallel life. For a moment it is almost reachable. 
Songs and sounds are an intricate part of any spirituality and religion. 
Meditation with the OM, the chant of monks, singing hymns in church. The aborigines 
believe the world was created with three sacred songs. 
Music is a unifier. Everyone can feel a beat. How often has the music been so loud, 
you feel it in your chest? You don't just hear music, you feel it. 
I think about the other day when my daughter was practicing her solo for jazz band. 
She was reading the music and playing the notes, but when she got to a part that she really liked, I could feel a shift in her playing. The music suddenly felt more real. It was coming from within her, not just being played by her. 
I am in awe of people who can read music. It's something that I need to look into. Where did music notes begin? Who created music as we read it today? And it does seem like a language to be read. 
Is the ability to read and write music a Devine ability?


My apologies for not having written sooner, I know it’s been awhile. I’m not really sure how to begin this....Steve Sauder (The super genius Canadian Composer) has been a dear friend of mine for what seems like a decade now....maybe it’s been longer, I’m not sure. Anyways, Steve is my favorite composer, I’ve always wanted to work with him....he is one of those talented people that just kinda blows your mind. Anyways, Steve went “M.I.A.” for a few years. I didn’t understand at the time, but understand now that he lost his son to a very rare type of Cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) A mountain of grief for one person to deal with. 

A few months ago, Steve & I started talking again. It’s been a blessing to have him back in my life. His soul shines. He has always been a great friend & mentor, and one of those rare individuals who have enough guts to say “Umm, Philm....this kinda sucks!”

Needless to say, Steve is now a member of Stardust For Jennifer. We, as a band, could not be more honored. We have already done a track together, and as of today, he sent another that just blows my mind. He is really helping take this record to the next level, and we are all very happy he is a part of the Family. So, for those of you paying attention....

Love & Protection

Djinn M.O.B.

Steve Sauder/Composer


Where are the thinkers, the artists, the poets? Where is the honest communication?
Every other generation has had a counter culture of movers and shakers that we seem to be lacking.
The Beats, the Hippies, the Gen X ers have been replaced with store bought hipsters and plastic injected celebrities.
In this world now, with the social media at hand, communication should be easier than ever. A platform that should be uniting people is creating a greater divide.
Face to face and voice to voice is no longer there, no longer acceptable, but is necessary. The energy, the spark and the excitement has been replaced with dullness, muteness, and a sense of unreality.
Music used to be an outlet, an expression, a way to get your message heard. Folk artists, glam rockers, punk rockers, metal heads, industrial bands all took a stand and got their point across.
Music today, much like our food, is canned, processed, full of additives and has no nutritional value. It says nothing, means nothing and is tasteless.
Give me back the coffee houses. The ones before wifi.
We gathered, smoked too many cigarettes and drank too much coffee, but we created, collaborated, conversed and became friends.
Friends in Real Life.

This is my mind sorting out the reasons why, when I watch the news or run down my Facebook news feed, I get a sinking, sick feeling in my stomach and a heaviness in my heart.
This is a generalization.
I know there are good people, smart people, and people with creative endeavors. My friends.


Ruby Smith.



I know there are people who are going to react negatively to the cover art on the new record, entitled ( for Mother), so before putting your "Family Values hat" on, you should probably read this first. Firstly, it's art, not misogyny, or pornography. I'm a gay man, and we have a female bass player, so do the math! Every hear of Hieronymus  Bosch? The painter? If not, look him up. Secondly, the concept came about whilst Lou Newton, and I were discussing our fucked up families/childhoods. I was re-reading Euripides "Medea" at the time (The Greek Tragedy), as well as having discussions about the archetypes, throughout history, of parents who destroy their children (wether its literal, or metaphorical. Male, OR female)) It was something we both shared some very common ground on, and "TA-DA!, we had a title. You will also notice, before the end of this page who the record is devoted to. So whatever you have to say in the negative about the art, we, as Stardust For Jennifer, don't care what you think. I mean for fucks sake, it's an INSTRUMENTAL album! This is the last time I will defend our art. Having said that, ladies, and for Mother.



The uncensored art is available to anyone who signs up for our news letter. You can also just download the art, and add it yourself. They are other free goodies there too!




For the realization of this project, Stardust For Jennifer were....


Philm Martin - Mastering/Engineering/Recording/Synth & Drum Programming/Electric, and Acoustic 12, and 6 String Guitars/Ebow/Synthesizers/Mellotron/Samplers/Acoustic Drums/Sound Design.


Tom Bradford - 12, and 6 String Electric Guitars/Loops/Paranormal Sounds.

(Narcosis/A Drug Called Warp/Beautiful Strange Birds)


Ruby Smith - The Bass Guitar.

(Narcosis/A Drug Called Warp/Pleroma/Trilliums Waver (Reprise)


Phil Holec - The Bass Guitar.

(Trilliums Waver)


Jordan Bregg - The Bass Guitar.

(I Killed A Bear Today)


Chris Livingston - Vocal Manipulation.

(The Boy Who Floated Away)


Lou Newton - Cover Design/Art/Concept & Title.



Without the Love, Support, and Protection of the following people, this record would never have happened....



Akai Controllers

Alex Albiniak (....I am a better person for you teaching me deep honesty. Thank you.)

Andrew Johnston

Aphex Compressors

Billy Detwiller 

Black Cat Pedals

Brian Pride (....Forever, and ever Hotrod!)

Boss Pedals

Carol Knochel

Catlinbread Pedals

Chris Livingston

Clayton Phillips

Cody Eastman (.....For being so damn beautiful!)

Dan Schiro (I Love You. 93!)

Daniel Himes

Darren Olach

Dave Coombs (....London Calling!)


Death By Audio Pedals

Devi Ever Pedals

Diamond Pedals

Dwarfcraft Pedals

Electroharmonic Pedals

Fender Guitars & Amplification

Frankie Viasurreal

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

George Tyrrell (....Thank you for showing me true friendship. You are deeply loved!)

Gordie Casler

Gretchen DeCot (....and Libby & The Liberators! I miss you Hanna, and Libby!)

Gretch Guitars

Higher Self Bookstore (Hi Michael & Zach!)

Jean Cocteau

Jessie Oleksy

Jet Screamer (....for your Love & Loyalty has saved me a million times over. I love you Forever!)

John Ingersol (....Damn sinners anyways! We need more cocktails!)

John Murray

Kathy Martin (....Your courage is only rivaled by your beauty. I Love You!)

Kim & Steve Larson

Kim Pluskota 

Kris Alden (....For returning to my life!)

Lorna Doom

Lou Newton (....I am very proud of you!)

Marilyn Bowden ( love to you & yours always)


Mr. Black Pedals

Neunaber Pedals

Nita Martin (....I miss you everyday, the stars shine for you!)

Patrick Rady

Phil Holec (....for your forgiveness & understanding)

Propellerhead Software/Hardware

Red Witch Pedals

Rickenbacker Guitars

Rhonda Hedlund

Roland Amps, and Synthesizers

Ruby & Matt Smith (....Ruby, you are a Godstar!)                

Shanda Morgan (....Poppies for us always my Love!)

T.C. Electronics

T-Rex Pedals

Tom Bradford ( are my favorite guitar player! I love you!)

Tommy Hopf (...."Jennifer Gets Into the Escape Pod Laughing" is for you.)

Wren & Cuff Pedals

Wolfe Von Stauffenberg 


We dedicate this record to all the abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the World. May you all heal into greatness!


Philm Martin/June 25th/2016


Screenprint by ┬ęphilm

  It is with a great deal of reluctance that I have made the decision to postpone the release of the next record until 2016. My reasons for this are many, and varied. I'm really happy with where the record is headed, and I think when it's done, it will be the best work I have produced in my life, but I need to take a break. The past two years have been so tumultuous, that I'm just worn out. There has just been too much grief, and pain. In addition to the fact that I think it's the moral imperative of any artist to put forth the best work they can. I will never compromise this ethic. I could never put something out to public scrutiny that I could not stand behind. I think I lost a lot of people with the last record, which is too bad....I think it was too heady, or minimal, or abstract for the people who really enjoyed the first record to get into. Ambient music is like poetry that way, It is one of the only "pure" mediums of expression left, because there is no money to be made in it....having said that, I also feel the need to be clear that my tastes, and practices as an artist are wide, and my intention is to produce a large body of work that reflects all of the things I really love, and you can find the common thread in all the things I do if you are paying attention, and not being dismissive, or a "lazy listener"....even in my painting, and screen prints it is evident where this is all leading, but you have to pay attention. Something I'm finding is that there seems to be this whole cultural laziness thing going on. Instant gratification based consumerism, that creates masses of people who are missing out on a lot of great work, simply because they no longer know how to listen, or look, or read. Patients is a virtue. 

  Having said all that, I have decided to take a slightly more conservative approach to my health problems. I do have to have surgery to remove a mass on my right adrenal gland. It is malignant, and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. As for my knee situation (by doctors recommendations) before a full replacement, I have agreed to try a series of injections for one year before I have the knee replaced. This will hopefully buy me some time, and allow me the needed space to commit to a one year regiment of pranayama based meditation. I think I'm more frightened by that then my upcoming surgery....otherwise, it feels like some of the dust is beginning to settle in my life. I'm in new digs which I love, and despite the isolation, I think in the long term, it will be a good place for some healing, growth, new art, and music. I've already been working on some screen prints, one of which I have included here. I'm really proud of them, and have also been busy stretching canvases of a large scale. I'm looking forwards to my shoes getting covered in technicolor goo.

 So I'm going to kick back, enjoy the peace & quiet of the northern Michigan summer, let the sun wash all the crap away, meditate, heal, work on music, and painting....maybe a short film, or two....and listen to the ambient sounds all around me....nature really does produce some of the best ambient music there is, I'm humbled by it's majesty. It feels good to be home. My love, and protection to you all.






"The Death of Personal Space" came about by chance, in the process of working on my second proper record,  " for Mother". I have a friend who owns a great deal of vintage gear, (mostly synths from the70's & 80's) who was cool enough to let me plunder his collection. There were old Moog's, Sequential Circuits, Roland's, Korg's, and Yamaha synths. The tracks on this record came about by a process of experimentation, and improvisation. I was familiar with most of the gear as I spent a great deal of my childhood/early adolescence drooling over, or wishing that I had the financial resources to own one them some day. It was kind of a dream come true to even have access to these instruments that were well maintained, and in pristine condition.
 Over the years I learned how to program synths (predominately on "soft synth's"), and this was finally my chance to do something on some of the most classic synthesizers around. In the process of all this, I wound up with close to three records worth of material, predominately in the ambient, dark ambient, industrial ambient, and soundscape genres. I took the best ten tracks from these experiments, and found that I had wound up with a record that I was really proud of.
 Nearing the end of this time, I started engineering a record for a woman by the name of Mary Standing Otter. Over the time we have been working together we have formed a bond, and friendship with each other that is meaningful, and healing (especially in the wake of my sister Nita's death). We talked a great deal about spirituality from our respective points of view. Mary works in the Shamanic, Alchemical, and Native American traditions. She is a wellspring of knowledge with a profound reverence for life, wisdom learned the hard way, and a great sense of humor. Through the course of our numerous conversation I learned of her relief work in South Africa working with children who were orphaned because they were infected with either HIV, or AIDS (predominately due to sexual abuse). I found myself deeply moved by the suffering of these children, and after some thorough investigation on my own, I decided to do whatever I could do to help. That is why I am donating half of everything I make from this record to help the orphanage, school, and clinic of Botshabelo (which is about 63 miles southeast of Johannesburg, in South Africa.) You can learn more about this tragic situation by going to You Tube, and searching out a documentary entitled "Angels in the Dust", or by visiting (Click on the link) I will be working closely with Mary to make sure that the money earned gets into the hands of the right people, and is not misappropriated. I am asking anyone who is interested to do some investigating on their own into this tragedy, (using the above mentioned information), and if they can afford to help, please do so. Onwards....

 The last thing I have to mention in regards to the new record is this....certain key people in my life have expressed concern about the content of the cover art. The cover art, concept, and album title all come from one of my best friends, Lou Newton. Lou is one of the only people I have ever deeply respected in my lifetime, and I can assure you he is one of the only people that I know who's integrity, and ethics are rivaled only by his compassion, and gifted talent. The cover art is a conceptual piece, and in no way is an advocacy of suicide....nothing could be farther from the truth. The recording itself is conceptually, and sonically about the idea that technology has quite literally taken away, severely affected, or just outright destroyed an individual's need, birthright, and desire for personal be alone. If you own a cell phone, smart phone etc. you know  what I am talking about. People think that if you have any of the above mentioned sonic trinkets that it should be "on" all the time, with you at all times, and you should be available, at all times. Not only has this type of technology, and "social networking" been proven to show an increase in narcissistic behavior, passive aggressive behavior, and new forms of A.D.D. (which border on the pathological), but it has also deeply affected our ability to deal with conflict, which is a normal part of life. People have literally ended lifelong commitments to marriages, friendships, and deal with serious interpersonal problems by the use of text messaging. I find this to be deeply inappropriate behavior. Literally hundreds of books have been written about this phenomenon, and I personally find it very disturbing, and gross. It has helped contribute to a disposable society, and the repercussions from this behavior will probably not be felt, let alone addressed, until it is too late.
 Technology, people have mistakenly thought, was "taking us to the stars", but instead, it is just bringing death to the masses. I feel sorry for this whole generation of young people who have been raised with a cellular device affixed to their bodies. I have literally watched people panic, and go into symptoms that closely resemble drug withdrawals when the Internet goes down, or is unavailable, or when whatever device they are plugged into runs out of power, and they can't find a means to get it recharged....the panic I have seen people go into because they can't connect to Facebook borders on mania. It is terrifying, yet oddly amusing that such a small thing can quite literally bring a person to a total psychological meltdown, which brings me back to the cover art....I stand by, and defend not only the artist, the artwork, concept, and title, and I have this to say if the cover offends you....You missed the point! This record is about the necessity to reclaim personal space. It is about silence. It is about reading a book quietly, instead of watching television. It's about reclaiming a sacred space in your life where true evolution, personal reflection, and growth can flourish, instead of letting a silly little device made of plastic, silicon, microchips, and wires dictate your life. It's about silence, sea, and the sky, and if you don't get it....your missing something really beautiful.


 For the realization of this project Stardust For Jennifer were....

Philm Martin - Keyboards, Samplers, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, and Mastering
Lou Newton - Cover Art, Concept, and Title

The material on this recording was made between July of 2012, to June of 2014. All of these pieces were improvised, or used "chance operations" for their composition. Although this release follows my first record (The Metric Paranormal), I do not consider it "The Second Record", its more like the space between the first one, and the second one. The second record proper is entitled " for Mother", which I hope to have finished by early 2015. This recording is 100% will not find a drumbeat on it, so be warned. It was made, and intended to be used as a tool for meditation, contemplation, self reflection, and is a "sonic decompression chamber", or if you like, "music to be played in the dark". Half of the proceeds from this recording will go to help the orphanage, school, and clinic of Botshabelo (near Johannesburg, South Africa). Botshabelo is an orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS....I hope you find the record an enjoyable one.

This record is dedicated to my two sisters....
Nita Martin (10/1/1955 - 1/11/2014)
Kathy Martin (8/27/1957 - Present)

Without the Love, Support, Friendship, Inspiration, Protection, Loyalty, and Healing that the following people have brought into my life, this recording never would have happened.

Bethany Grenier
Billy Detwiller
Brian Pride
Carol Knochel
C.j. Martin
Clara Martin
Clayton Phillips
Clinton Zimmerman
Cody Eastman
Deadboy Dan
Darren Olach
Dave Coombs
Dave Raquet
Frankie Viasurreal
Grace Freeling
Gordy & April Casler
Jean Cocteau
Jeff Heise
Jenni & Andy LaBryn
Jessie Oleksy
Jet Screamer
Jordan Bregg
Kathy Martin
Keishia Shepherd
Kim & John Pluskota
Lorna Doom
Lou Newton
Marilyn Bowden
Mary Standing Otter
Nigel Martin
Nika Martin 
Nita Martin
Patrick Rady
Phil Holec
Propellerheads Software/Hardware
Rhonda Hedlund
Rick Flynn
Russ Fithen
Sam Case
Scott Todd
Shanda Morgan
Tommy Hopf
Tony De La Torre
Travis Witherall & Hydrophonic Records
Wolfe Von Stauffenberg

My Love & Protection to you all!
©Philm Martin



My sister Nita was one of my best was a friendship & conversation that up until a
few weeks ago was a daily part of my life for almost 44 years. She was a remarkable
woman. Talented, and beautiful (a rare combination). There is not a part of my creative
process that didn't get filtered through her discerning eyes, and mind. She was so many
things to me. A true friend, a sparring partner, a creative visionary, a stellar cook, a great
photographer, a force of Nature. She was my "rock of sanity in a sea of shit". She had great
style. She was always there, through every crazy manifestation my life has, she
is gone. I can't quite get my head around what exactly has been lost, the grief is still too
near. I am in "the grieving process" (as if the experience is quantifiable), and amongst the
myriad array of overwhelming thoughts, and feelings, I find myself thinking a great deal
about Time. Time, and Death actually. Two things that I feel equal parts disgust, and curiosity
for. It's sad to say, but if you think about it, Time is really the most valuable resource we have.
I say this because Time is a limited resource, and it is not a renewable resource. You don't
know how much of it you have, you can't get more of it when it's gone, and when it's gone,
it's gone for good....and Death, well Death is just really fucking abstract. The idea that you
can know someone for 44 years, and then, one day, they are just gone, not there tends to speed things up in a sinister way. You become aware of the passage of
Time in ways you were previously unaware. The plasticity of Time, and that it is going by
quickly, a little too quickly....At other times, Time seems to grind to a halt, and the passing of
Time becomes unbearably slow. I'm sure that I am not the first person to have made these
observations. My sisters untimely, and tragic death has made me very aware that I don't
have Time to waste (something I have known for sometime now) and this takes me back to my
past, which was just THAT, a lot of wasted Time. Time wasted in bands that would never go
anywhere. Time wasted in relationships that were poison to my soul. Time wasted on
friendships that were vacuous, and superficial, and especially, Time wasted on employers
who were happy to destroy my body while they got wealthy off of my talent. These are not
compromises I am willing to make anymore, I don't have the Time to. I would rather die
penniless, and in poor health then to make those compromises again. Ever. That is the reason
I started Stardust For Jennifer. That is the reason why I do this, why I make Art. As far as I am
concerned, (most) everything in my life, prior to the release of my first record, was wasted
Time. A joke. That fact is likely to annoy some, make others question me sternly, and make
even more scream with anger, and resentment. Too bad. That is exactly how I feel. The sign
on the door says "Artist", not "Holy Man"....and I don't have Time to waste, and if you really
need to know why, I will tell you....Because someday, I am going to die....and so are
you....consider it a "cautionary tale".

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