The Metric Paranormal

by Stardust for Jennifer

Released 2012
Released 2012
Post Shoegaze/Dream Pop
For the realization of this project Stardust For Jennifer were....

Philm Martin - Guitars, Keyboards, Samplers, Programming, Sound Design, Voices, Engineering, and Mastering.
Libby & The Liberators: Libby Decot, vocals on "Cube". Hannah Decot, voice on "Cube".
Joe Walters - Cover Art

This recording was made in a number of different cities/environments, and in a number of different studios from late 2009 through mid 2012. When I mastered this record, I did not do so according to current trends in the industry which tend to favor heavily compressed music in order to achieve a greater overall volume. Therefore this recording is not as loud as most current commercial music. This is intentional. There is nothing wrong with your listening device. Although there is certainly a great deal of compression on this record, I found that when I pushed it to the levels of current commercial recordings, the songs seemed to suffer for it, the point I was trying to make seemed to get lost....the feelings, dynamics, sense of breath & expansion....the minutiae. It all seemed to suffer for it, therefore I mastered it at levels that I found best for the music itself. If you want it louder, let your amp & speakers do the work. That is why we have volume knobs, watts, and sturdy wooden matches. Nevertheless, please play this record loud, and enjoy!

Without the love, support, inspiration, and friendship of the following people, this recording would never have happened.

Billy Detwiller
Brian Pride
Clara Martin
Clayton Phillips
Clinton Zimmerman
Dan Schiro
Dave Coombs
Frankie ViaSurreal
Gretchen Decot
Hannah Decot
Jenni & Andy LaBryn
Jean Cocteau
Jessie Oleksy
Jet Screamer
Jordan Bregg
Kate Foster
Kathy Martin
Keishia Shepherd
Kim & Steve Larson
Kim & John Pluskota
Libby Decot
Lorna Doom
Lou Newton
Marilyn Bowden
Nigel Martin
Nika Martin
Nita Martin
Patrick Rady
Phil G. Martin
Propellerhead Software/Hardware
Shanda Morgan
Steve Sauder
Tommy Hopf
Tony De La Torre
Travis Witherall
Wolf Grussing

"To Become Unseen Dark Lights" was written for my Mother
"Opal O' was written for Clayton Phillips
"Jet" was written for Jet Screamer
"Song For A Boy I Have Not Met" was not written for anyone.