This record the dedicated to Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, and Sean Cribbin.

I wish I knew where to start....Two long years, and 20 tracks later, here it is. “Ghost”, by Stardust For Jennifer....a lot of time, money, grief, work, and heartbreak went into the making of this record. A lot has changed. I pray this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I’m more proud of this record than anything I’ve done in my whole life. Hands down. Having said that, I owe a massive thank you to Steve Sauder for taking a really good record, and making it into a great record! His contribution to this record has been massive, and I am blessed beyond belief to have such a talented, amazing friend, and bandmate. There are too many stories I could tell about this record, but I think I’m just going to leave them to history, and let the music speak for itself. This record was meant to be played LOUD!

Love & Protection
The DJinn M.O.B.
For the realization of this project, Stardust For Jennifer were....

Philm Martin - Mastering/Engineering/Recording/Synth & Drum Programming/Electric, and Acoustic 12, and 6 String Guitars/Ebow/Synthesizers/Mellotron/Samplers/Acoustic Drums/Sound Design.

Steve Sauder - Composition/Programming/Keyboards/The Bass Guitar.

Robert LaBrynn - 12, and 6 String Electric Guitars/Loops/Paranormal Sounds.

Ruby Smith - The Bass Guitar.

Jöshe - Acoustic Drums.

Lou Newton - Guitars/Art/Design/Layout/Cover Art/ Cover Concept/Title Concept.

Rania Leaney - Vocals on “Only the Storms”
Without the Love, Support, Financial Assistance, and Protection of the following people, this record would never have happened....Thank you!

Adriennne Holec
Akai Controllers
Alex Albiniak
Alex Grubaugh
Andrew A. Johnston
Anthony Carpenter
Aphex Compressors
Billy Detwiller
Black Cat Pedals
Bobby Godby
Boss Pedals
Bree Van Fleet
Brian Pride
Bryan Wheeler
Catlinbread Pedals
Chris Livingston
Dan Schiro
Darren Olach
Daryl Rowell
Dave Coombs
David Crawford
Death By Audio Pedals
Devi Ever Pedals
Diamond Pedals
Dwarfcraft Pedals
Electroharmonic Pedals
Fender Guitars & Amplification
Franklin Vannoy Cail
Fred Bortz
Harvey “Shark” Morris
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Gretch Guitars
Higher Self Bookstore (Hi Michael & Zach!)
James Kison
Jason Andrew
Jean Cocteau
Jeff Kirk
Jeff Robertson
Jennifer Purdy
Jessie Oleksy
Jet Screamer
Jim Hoffman
Joey Wentzel
John Ingersol
Jordan Bregg
Justin Withrow
Kathy Martin-Resch
Kim & Steve Larson
Kim Pluskota
Kris Alden
Lorna Doom
Louie Lochrie
Lou Newton
Mr. Black Pedals
Neunaber Pedals
Patrick Rady
Patrick Randazzo
Paul Kiry
Phil Holec
Propellerhead Software/Hardware
Randy Colbath
Red Witch Pedals
Rickenbacker Guitars
ROLI Hardware & Software
Roland Amps, and Synthesizers
Ruby & Matt Smith
           Ryan Jones             
Shanda Morgan
Sophia Buchanan
Stein Mulvihill
Steve Sauder
Tawnie Lucas
T.C. Electronics
T-Rex Pedals
Tom Sauer
Tommy Hopf
Tommy Morrison
Tony De La Torre
Wren & Cuff Pedals
Wolfe Von Stauffenberg
Zach Weisbarth

Philm Martin (a.k.a. DJinn M.O.B.) July 12th, 2019


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