My apologies for not having written sooner, I know it’s been awhile. I’m not really sure how to begin this....Steve Sauder (The super genius Canadian Composer) has been a dear friend of mine for what seems like a decade now....maybe it’s been longer, I’m not sure. Anyways, Steve is my favorite composer, I’ve always wanted to work with him....he is one of those talented people that just kinda blows your mind. Anyways, Steve went “M.I.A.” for a few years. I didn’t understand at the time, but understand now that he lost his son to a very rare type of Cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) A mountain of grief for one person to deal with. 

A few months ago, Steve & I started talking again. It’s been a blessing to have him back in my life. His soul shines. He has always been a great friend & mentor, and one of those rare individuals who have enough guts to say “Umm, Philm....this kinda sucks!”

Needless to say, Steve is now a member of Stardust For Jennifer. We, as a band, could not be more honored. We have already done a track together, and as of today, he sent another that just blows my mind. He is really helping take this record to the next level, and we are all very happy he is a part of the Family. So, for those of you paying attention....

Love & Protection

Djinn M.O.B.

Steve Sauder/Composer

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