It is with a great deal of reluctance that I have made the decision to postpone the release of the next record until 2016. My reasons for this are many, and varied. I'm really happy with where the record is headed, and I think when it's done, it will be the best work I have produced in my life, but I need to take a break. The past two years have been so tumultuous, that I'm just worn out. There has just been too much grief, and pain. In addition to the fact that I think it's the moral imperative of any artist to put forth the best work they can. I will never compromise this ethic. I could never put something out to public scrutiny that I could not stand behind. I think I lost a lot of people with the last record, which is too bad....I think it was too heady, or minimal, or abstract for the people who really enjoyed the first record to get into. Ambient music is like poetry that way, It is one of the only "pure" mediums of expression left, because there is no money to be made in it....having said that, I also feel the need to be clear that my tastes, and practices as an artist are wide, and my intention is to produce a large body of work that reflects all of the things I really love, and you can find the common thread in all the things I do if you are paying attention, and not being dismissive, or a "lazy listener"....even in my painting, and screen prints it is evident where this is all leading, but you have to pay attention. Something I'm finding is that there seems to be this whole cultural laziness thing going on. Instant gratification based consumerism, that creates masses of people who are missing out on a lot of great work, simply because they no longer know how to listen, or look, or read. Patients is a virtue. 

  Having said all that, I have decided to take a slightly more conservative approach to my health problems. I do have to have surgery to remove a mass on my right adrenal gland. It is malignant, and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. As for my knee situation (by doctors recommendations) before a full replacement, I have agreed to try a series of injections for one year before I have the knee replaced. This will hopefully buy me some time, and allow me the needed space to commit to a one year regiment of pranayama based meditation. I think I'm more frightened by that then my upcoming surgery....otherwise, it feels like some of the dust is beginning to settle in my life. I'm in new digs which I love, and despite the isolation, I think in the long term, it will be a good place for some healing, growth, new art, and music. I've already been working on some screen prints, two of which I have included here. I'm really proud of them, and have also been busy stretching canvases of a large scale. I'm looking forwards to my shoes getting covered in technicolor goo.

  So I'm going to kick back, enjoy the peace & quiet of the northern Michigan summer, let the sun wash all the crap away, meditate, heal, work on music, and painting....maybe a short film, or two....and listen to the ambient sounds all around me....nature really does produce some of the best ambient music there is, I'm humbled by it's majesty. It feels good to be home. My love, and protection to you all.



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