The Death of Personal Space

Stardust for Jennifer

Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial Ambient, Soundscapes

For the realization of this project Stardust For Jennifer were....

Philm Martin - Keyboards, Samplers, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, and Mastering Lou Newton - Cover Art, Concept, and Title

The material on this recording was made between July of 2012, to June of 2014. All of these pieces were improvised, or used "chance operations" for their composition. Although this release follows my first record (The Metric Paranormal), I do not consider it "The Second Record", its more like the space between the first one, and the second one. The second record proper is entitled " for Mother", which I hope to have finished by early 2015. This recording is 100% will not find a drumbeat on it, so be warned. It was made, and intended to be used as a tool for meditation, contemplation, and is a "sonic decompression chamber", or if you like, "music to be played in the dark". Half of the proceeds from this recording will go to help the orphanage, school, and clinic of Botshabelo (near Johannesburg, South Africa). Botshabelo is an orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS....I hope you find the record an enjoyable one.

This record is dedicated to my two sisters.... Nita Martin (10/1/1955 - 1/11/2014) Kathy Martin (8/27/1957 - Present)

Without the Love, Support, Friendship, Inspiration, Protection, Loyalty, and Healing that the following people have brought into my life, this recording never would have happened.

A.C. Bethany Grenier Billy Detwiller Brian Pride Carol Knochel Cj Martin Clara Martin Clayton Phillips Clinton Zimmerman Cody Eastman D.C. Deadboy Dan Darren Olach Dave Coombs Dave Raquet Frankie Viasurreal Futura Grace Freeling Gordy & April Casler Jean Cocteau Jeff Heise Jenni & Andy LaBryn Jessie Oleksy Jet Screamer Jordan Bregg Kathy Martin Keishia Shepherd Kim & John Pluskota Lorna Doom Lou Newton Marilyn Bowden Mary Standing Otter Nigel Martin Nika Martin Nita Martin Patrick Rady Phil Holec Propellerheads Software/Hardware Rhonda Hedlund Rick Flynn Russ Fithen Sam Case Scott Todd Shanda Morgan Tommy Hopf Tony De La Torre Travis Witherall & Hydrophonic Records Wolfe Von Stauffenberg Xavier

My Love & Protection to you all! Philm

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