This record the dedicated to Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, and Sean Cribbin.

I wish I knew where to start....Two long years, and 20 tracks later, here it is. “Ghost”, by Stardust For Jennifer....a lot of time, money, grief, work, and heartbreak went into the making of this record. A lot has changed. I pray this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I’m more proud of this record than anything I’ve done in my whole life. Hands down. Having said that, I owe a massive thank you to Steve Sauder for taking a really good…


  Everything was so peaceful and silent that Vishnu slept undisturbed by dreams or motion.  From the depths a humming sound began to tremble, OM It grew and spread, filling the emptiness and throbbing with energy, the night had ended.  Vishnu awoke.  God said let there be light When I was in middle school, I had a dream. In this dream I was seeing  a time lapse film of a sprouting flower. There was music playing along with  this film. It was the sound the plant was making as it grew. I thought "wow… Read more


My apologies for not having written sooner, I know it’s been awhile. I’m not really sure how to begin this....Steve Sauder (The super genius Canadian Composer) has been a dear friend of mine for what seems like a decade now....maybe it’s been longer, I’m not sure. Anyways, Steve is my favorite composer, I’ve always wanted to work with him....he is one of those talented people that just kinda blows your mind. Anyways, Steve went “M.I.A.” for a few years. I didn’t understand at the time, but understand now…

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Where are the thinkers, the artists, the poets? Where is the honest communication?
Every other generation has had a counterculture of movers and shakers that we seem to be lacking.
The Beats, the Hippies, the Gen X ers have been replaced with store bought hipsters and plastic injected celebrities.
In this world now, with the social media at hand, communication should be easier than ever. A platform that should be uniting people is creating a greater divide.
Face to face and voice to voice is no longer…

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I know there are people who are going to react negatively to the cover art on the new record, entitled (....as for Mother), so before putting your "Family Values hat" on, you should probably read this first. Firstly, it's art, not misogyny, or pornography. I'm a gay man, and we have a female bass player, so do the math! Every hear of Hieronymus  Bosch? The painter? If not, look him up. Secondly, the concept came about whilst Lou Newton, and I were discussing our fucked up families/childhoods. I was…

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  It is with a great deal of reluctance that I have made the decision to postpone the release of the next record until 2016. My reasons for this are many, and varied. I'm really happy with where the record is headed, and I think when it's done, it will be the best work I have produced in my life, but I need to take a break. The past two years have been so tumultuous, that I'm just worn out. There has just been too much grief, and pain. In addition to the fact that I think it's the moral imperative of any…

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"The Death of Personal Space" came about by chance, in the process of working on my second proper record,  "....as for Mother". I have a friend who owns a great deal of vintage gear, (mostly synths from the70's & 80's) who was cool enough to let me plunder his collection. There were old Moog's, Sequential Circuits, Roland's, Korg's, and Yamaha synths. The tracks on this record came about by a process of experimentation, and improvisation. I was familiar with most of the gear as I spent a great deal of…

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My sister Nita was one of my best friends....it was a friendship & conversation that up until a
few weeks ago was a daily part of my life for almost 44 years. She was a remarkable
woman. Talented, and beautiful (a rare combination). There is not a part of my creative
process that didn't get filtered through her discerning eyes, and mind. She was so many
things to me. A true friend, a sparring partner, a creative visionary, a stellar cook, a great
photographer, a force of Nature. She was my "rock of sanity in a…

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