Where are the thinkers, the artists, the poets? Where is the honest communication?Every other generation has had a counterculture of movers and shakers that we seem to be lacking.
The Beats, the Hippies, the Gen X ers have been replaced with store bought hipsters and plastic injected celebrities.
In this world now, with the social media at hand, communication should be easier than ever. A platform that should be uniting people is creating a greater divide.
Face to face and voice to voice is no longer there, no longer acceptable, but is necessary. The energy, the spark and the excitement has been replaced with dullness, muteness, and a sense of unreality.
Music used to be an outlet, an expression, a way to get your message heard. Folk artists, glam rockers, punk rockers, metal heads, industrial bands all took a stand and got their point across.
Music today, much like our food, is canned, processed, full of additives and has no nutritional value. It says nothing, means nothing and is tasteless.
Give me back the coffee houses. The ones before wifi.
We gathered, smoked too many cigarettes and drank too much coffee, but we created, collaborated, conversed and became friends.
Friends in Real Life.

This is my mind sorting out the reasons why, when I watch the news or run down my Facebook news feed, I get a sinking, sick feeling in my stomach and a heaviness in my heart.
This is a generalization.
I know there are good people, smart people, and people with creative endeavors. My friends.


Ruby Smith.