I know there are people who are going to react negatively to the cover art on the new record, entitled ( for Mother), so before putting your "Family Values hat" on, you should probably read this first. Firstly, it's art, not misogyny, or pornography. I'm a gay man, and we have a female bass player, so do the math! Every hear of Hieronymus  Bosch? The painter? If not, look him up. Secondly, the concept came about whilst Lou Newton, and I were discussing our fucked up families/childhoods. I was re-reading Euripides "Medea" at the time (The Greek Tragedy), as well as having discussions about the archetypes, throughout history, of parents who destroy their children (wether its literal, or metaphorical. Male, OR female)) It was something we both shared some very common ground on, and "TA-DA!, we had a title. You will also notice, before the end of this page who the record is devoted to. So whatever you have to say in the negative about the art, we, as Stardust For Jennifer, don't care what you think. I mean for fucks sake, it's an INSTRUMENTAL album! This is the last time I will defend our art. Having said that, ladies, and for Mother.



The uncensored art is available to anyone who signs up for our news letter. You can also just download the art, and add it yourself. They are other free goodies there too!




For the realization of this project, Stardust For Jennifer were....


Philm Martin - Mastering/Engineering/Recording/Synth & Drum Programming/Electric, and Acoustic 12, and 6 String Guitars/Ebow/Synthesizers/Mellotron/Samplers/Acoustic Drums/Sound Design.


Tom Bradford - 12, and 6 String Electric Guitars/Loops/Paranormal Sounds.

(Narcosis/A Drug Called Warp/Beautiful Strange Birds)


Ruby Smith - The Bass Guitar.

(Narcosis/A Drug Called Warp/Pleroma/Trilliums Waver (Reprise)


Phil Holec - The Bass Guitar.

(Trilliums Waver)


Jordan Bregg - The Bass Guitar.

(I Killed A Bear Today)


Chris Livingston - Vocal Manipulation.

(The Boy Who Floated Away)


Lou Newton - Cover Design/Art/Concept & Title.



Without the Love, Support, and Protection of the following people, this record would never have happened....



Akai Controllers

Alex Albiniak (....I am a better person for you teaching me deep honesty. Thank you.)

Andrew Johnston

Aphex Compressors

Billy Detwiller 

Black Cat Pedals

Brian Pride (....Forever, and ever Hotrod!)

Boss Pedals

Carol Knochel

Catlinbread Pedals

Chris Livingston

Clayton Phillips

Cody Eastman (.....For being so damn beautiful!)

Dan Schiro (I Love You. 93!)

Daniel Himes

Darren Olach

Dave Coombs (....London Calling!)


Death By Audio Pedals

Devi Ever Pedals

Diamond Pedals

Dwarfcraft Pedals

Electroharmonic Pedals

Fender Guitars & Amplification

Frankie Viasurreal

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

George Tyrrell (....Thank you for showing me true friendship. You are deeply loved!)

Gordie Casler

Gretchen DeCot (....and Libby & The Liberators! I miss you Hanna, and Libby!)

Gretch Guitars

Higher Self Bookstore (Hi Michael & Zach!)

Jean Cocteau

Jessie Oleksy

Jet Screamer (....for your Love & Loyalty has saved me a million times over. I love you Forever!)

John Ingersol (....Damn sinners anyways! We need more cocktails!)

John Murray

Kathy Martin (....Your courage is only rivaled by your beauty. I Love You!)

Kim & Steve Larson

Kim Pluskota 

Kris Alden (....For returning to my life!)

Lorna Doom

Lou Newton (....I am very proud of you!)

Marilyn Bowden ( love to you & yours always)


Mr. Black Pedals

Neunaber Pedals

Nita Martin (....I miss you everyday, the stars shine for you!)

Patrick Rady

Phil Holec (....for your forgiveness & understanding)

Propellerhead Software/Hardware

Red Witch Pedals

Rickenbacker Guitars

Rhonda Hedlund

Roland Amps, and Synthesizers

Ruby & Matt Smith (....Ruby, you are a Godstar!)                

Shanda Morgan (....Poppies for us always my Love!)

T.C. Electronics

T-Rex Pedals

Tom Bradford ( are my favorite guitar player! I love you!)

Tommy Hopf (...."Jennifer Gets Into the Escape Pod Laughing" is for you.)

Wren & Cuff Pedals

Wolfe Von Stauffenberg 


We dedicate this record to all the abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the World. May you all heal into greatness!


Philm Martin/June 25th/2016

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